Learn how to style your home with colors

Learn how to style your home with colors

Work with true colours

Colour plays a huge role in our daily lives where they can have an uplifting or calming effect. Colour also plays an important part when styling a room. Typically, you use warm colours (like yellow, orange and red) in your living room and a colder and more calm colour in your bedroom. A colourful styled home is (surprise, surprise!) defined by an array bold and bright colours – in furniture, home accessories and the colour on the walls.

Color Blocking

One way of creating a colourful home is by using colour blocking, which is the art of combining a variety of different colours. This creates a bold statement for sure, and it’s an effective way to emphasize features of your home. If you truly love colours, you’ll be happy to hear that anything can be a canvas for your colour palette, including doors, furniture and a window frame. And remember, you don’t have to go from zero to all the colours of the rainbow in one go. So, do you dare to decorate and put on a colourful show?

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