Our commitment

Our commitment to conduct our business ethically and responsibly runs through the full value chain, from sourcing, to shipping, to stores, to the end life of our products. We want our customers to know that when they buy a product from Lionflab, it has been produced in alignment with ethical, environmental, and social standards and is safe to use. This is crucial for the success of our company and for our consumers.

Our business model means a high degree of control of our value chain from product designs, packaging designs, product materials and testing to the logistic setup and the running of our stores. This also means that our green transition might be complex, but also entirely possible.

Since 2019, Lionflab has worked intensively to develop and implement a more circular mindset throughout our company. We want to be the frontrunners in the green transition of the retail industry and do our part to pass on a better globe to future generations. We want to offer affordable products which are good for the environment and ultimately end dependency on virgin fossil materials and fuels.